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You won’t see any building, commercial establishment or high-rise around Corpus Christi Texas without a working elevator. And to avoid inconveniences caused by faulty elevators or untimely breakdowns, regular elevator maintenance is needed.

Maintaining your host of lifts is crucial too since it means people going in and out of those elevators will remain safe while using this transportation device.

Still not convinced? Allow us here at EMR Elevator, Inc. Corpus Christi, to advocate the importance of regular elevator maintenance.

Advantages of Regular Professional Elevator Maintenance

The help of a professional team of elevator technicians will keep your elevators in tip-top condition. Running frequent maintenance checks on your lifts with the experts will not only keep your tenants and customers safe, but it will also help you save money in the long run.

A safe elevator means you can avoid having to deal with expensive fines or lawsuits in case it breaks down and people get injured from the incident. Furthermore, elevator maintenance will also help you cut back on more expensive repair procedures for severe lift issues which were caused by ignoring underlying structural problems.

Older elevator systems will also require modernization or replacement for safety and convenience. Old elevator models often come with parts that can be hard to find thus, replacing the system with a new one is more practical for owners. It will make maintenance and repairs easier for technicians to accomplish as well.

Not everybody can handle elevator maintenance. The person instructed to perform this procedure should be a skilled, licensed specialist. This type of work, if done improperly, can endanger lives.

A qualified elevator maintenance specialist from EMR Elevator, Inc Corpus Christi TX will be able to pinpoint and perform needed maintenance procedures to assure that your elevator will operate normally. Professionals bring with them experience and skills to provide solutions that your elevator needs. You should always hire licensed elevator maintenance technicians who are capable of proactively tackling possible issues of your elevator, keep them in good condition, avoid more expensive repairs and maintain its safety and integrity.

How Often Should Elevators Undergo Maintenance?

Owners should come up with a list of all components and articles that require inspection or maintenance on a frequent basis according to the elevator’s manual.  EMR Elevator, Inc. can help you determine which components and parts need to be part of your elevator maintenance plan or contract.

Routine inspections and maintenance should be performed every 6 months for elevators used for lifting people or animals. For elevators employed to transport industrial loads or inanimate items, the lift must be inspected or maintained every year.

Maintenance must include checking every part of the lift. The components of the elevator should comply with the code. The doors and the gears must be checked for depreciation and corrosion while all main drive system parts should be checked for lubrication, corrosion, wear and tear.

The suspension ropes, back-up safety ropes, and the elevator’s emergency braking system should be inspected as well. If any of these parts displays signs of breaking or depreciation, they should be repaired or changed promptly.

Lastly, the hydraulic system must be checked and lubricated on a frequent basis so the elevator will continue to operate properly.

Why Opt For an Elevator Maintenance Contract?

Crafting an elevator maintenance contract has its advantages. To start with, it guarantees safer operations, minimized liability, and excellent performance. A contract also seals a fixed budget and lower costs over the course of the procedure.

EMR Elevator, Inc offers elevator maintenance contracts tailored to the level of service needed and clients can select which contract fits their needs the most.

Contact Us for Professional Elevator Maintenance Corpus Christi Texas

Lots of people in the city of Corpus Christi depend on elevators every day to transport them from one floor to another. To guarantee that these elevators are always safe and in excellent working order, professional elevator maintenance is needed.

Here at EMR Elevator, Inc., we can provide the best elevator service at any point in Texas. We are the biggest independent elevator company in the Lone Star State with more than 25 years of experience in the business.

Give your building a stellar reputation by maintaining its integrity. We’re always prepared to help you with your elevator service needs.

You can call us, send an email or visit any EMR Elevator, Inc. branch closest to your area for an appointment. Speak to us today for more helpful information about our elevator services.



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